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The Little Things of Easter

Have you ever sat down to wonder about the little things of Easter? Or the liberation story everyone talks about with no significance added into their life. Easter is one of the major significance of our very existence, after the mistake of our first parents Adam and Eve. 

In that sense,  


‘‘what is Easter?’‘

Easter is more spiritual, than it is physical.                                                                                                               It represents so much than we can imagine.

One betrayal that ended a man                                                                                                                                                  and gave liberation to many.

As a Nigerian child born in the nineties, there is this feeling that comes with celebrations- the rice and stew with chicken or goat meat that was going to grace my plate that afternoon or the happiness you have realizing that you were not going to school for a couple of days and mum probably won’t bother you to wash your socks or the feeling that comes when you see your extended family and everyone in their ‘Easter clothes’ like we called it. We loved the celebration not Easter!

While growing up, I managed to understand Easter to an extent, although I still considered the physical celebration more significant than the in-depth spirituality that comes with Easter. I still waited patiently every Easter to get my Easter dress sewn and the upgrading of the Easter meal to fried rice and chicken. I counted down days to hours, hours to minutes and finally seconds when I could finally have my fried rice and chicken. As Catholics, we had the obligation of attending the Easter Vigil that had long readings and was sequence filled. I didn’t like the spirituality in it, but I loved the physical celebration!

As a young adult, I’ve tried to understand Easter ….. And although I might not be able to you all there is to know about Easter here’s what I know, .

Easter represents victory, that we have been liberated from sickness and diseases,  sin,  poverty,  weakness, and everything that weighs us down.

Easter means that through the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, we were liberated and we have powers over the malicious plans of the evil ones.

Easter means that your sins have been forgiven.

Easter means that God has not forgotten us and he never will!

Have a wonderful Easter and keep my Easter chicken!


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