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Twining in ‘The Kiki and Tee’ Dress

Just before I go into this summer inspired Blackfit outfits made by me…. A little introduction,

‘Well, the tall darksinned beauty right there is my sister Tess and the last born (yeah, I know she’s taller than I am) she’s a science student and a model.

Then to appreciate this fabric first…. The colours are just so wonderful and its super light I mean it, you literally won’t get hot in it.

The Tee Dress can be worn with a face cap and a pair of jeans or a simple plain black trousers.

While the Kiki Maxi dress can be paired with a fedora hat or a face cap and also what I love also about this outfit is that you don’t need heels in them, a simple pair of sandals or a pair of slippers will do just fine.

Available for purchase send an Email to or send a message to nina_igwe on Instagram and Nina Igwe.

They both go for N3000 only.

Thanks for reading!


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