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What I wore 11/09/2016

      How is everyone doing? I hope everyone’s good? In this part of the world Nigeria, everyone’s looking forward to Monday and Tuesday which is the sallah celebration for the Muslims and a two-day mini vacation for other Nigerians. Everyone’s excited especially me of course, I don’t get to go for classes at least for the two days; which is just awesome!
After fumbling through my wardrobe I finally found this two piece outfit, my tailor had made for me, and I thought why not since the weather was bright and yellow clothes always makes my skin pop. 

I’ve got to give it up for my friend Blessing she slayed the camera.

Although I’m not one to over accessorize I decided to keep it simple. So, I paired it with a black scarf, black purse, gold plated block heeled sandals(which are quite comfy) and a Chanel bracelet.



Let me know what you guys think about the outfit in the comments box below, and have a wonderful Sunday!

Outfit details

Two-piece outfit:  Tailored

Heels: Atmosphere

Purse: Thrift 


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