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School Girl Series(SGS): it’s Frinally!!

I know everyone gets that thingy feel of happiness whenever the word ‘Friday’ pops up in their vocabulary, because it’s the one day you can party as much as you like, hangout with friends, catch up on the movies you missed and lots more. With no guilt whatsoever that you’d have to go to school or work. I’m sure everyone loves that feeling, but I think I’m Friday’s biggest fan.

Apart from the better hangout, Netflix and chill that Friday comes with, I absolutely love Friday fashion….. Because there’s absolutely no rules with Friday fashion, you can layer over outfits however you want, play with colors, go old school and the list just goes on. I would rather refer to Friday as ‘Crazy Fashion Day’

Although my style today wasn’t crazy, I wanted an African inspired street style, so I just paired my acid washed denim jacket, with a pair of black jeans, fringed sandals and my backpack.

The only struggle I had with this entire outfit, was deciding on what I would do with my braids, a ponytail wasn’t working for me and I tried other braid styles as well; but nothing seemed to work, until I finally tied it up into a turban and I finally got the African Inspired Street Style I was going for. 





Photo credit : Temple Egemasi

What do you guys think about my outfit and are you also a fan of the crazy fashion Friday? 
 please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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