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The Little Black Bird

If I was asked what my favorite colors are, I would go exactly like this- 

Black, faded black, deep black, light black, maybe blue and red, and I also adore white. 

Apart from the boldness that comes with wearing black, there are dozens of other reasons why I love black. 


  • You can almost never go wrong in an all black outfit, if you aren’t that much of a fashionista, but want to make a fashion statement, black is your best pick.



    • It hides things so well –  particularly stains. It’s nice to know that if I have an accident at lunch the whole world won’t be able to see it.




    •     Because it’s so serious and dynamic: they’re some days that I      Want the no-nonsense kind of vibe, although others may find it intimidating. I still love it.


    • I love it because it’s different: while everyone rocks bright colors you just stand out from the crowd.


     While I could go on and on about how much I adore this color, I just have to stop here. 

    So I did a simple combo of a black top and skirt with a pair of block heels to go. 

     Outfit Details

    Top:Bella nova


    Heel: New look 

    Purse: thrift 

    What’s your take on black? Do you love black as much as I do? Let’s know in the comments box below.


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