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The Over-sized Shirt Addict

  Hey beautiful,

How was your weekend? I hope you had fun, cause I did. I had time on my hands and used the opportunity to read a couple of books and watch tons of movies. I’m so content about how I spent my weekend that I’m too sure, I’ll slay this week successfully.


Looking through my wardrobe you’ll definitely find more over-sized shirts than you can imagine. Yes, I absolutely love them for their “comfortability” which is my fashion watch word when picking out outfits. 

I had so much fun doing this shoot, the weather was my friend, the sun didn’t burn my skin, and the perfect lightning for my photos. So after this shoot, I wrote an open letter to my future husband about my little obsession with over-sized shirts and hopes he gets this somehow.

Dear Future  husband, 

First, You’ve got know that this beauty is one of a kind type of lady, and that’ll make you the most lucky man on earth being with her. Because she went for actions not words, she didn’t just go for the toned abs and 6ft something( although she liked it) brains and  a great sense of humor worked better for her. The ambitious lifestyle, built physique, charming face were just the added bonus. And she’s quite glad to be your wife.

Apart from eating your chicken when She ordered beef, to tasting your strawberry ice cream  when she went for vanilla; there’s a bigger confession she’ll be making that doesn’t involve eating your food.

She loves over-sized shirts, because they flatter her slender bod; and unfortunately your wardrobe seems to have a lot of them. She would gladly go shopping with you any day you ask, even when you don’t. When your shirts go missing from your wardrobe don’t get scared, because she’ll probably be wearing it in the most flattering way.

That’s the secret baby, hope to see you soon.

                                 Yours sincerely,

                                     Future wife.

   I paired my over-sized shirt with a long sleeve body suit, black jeans, face cap and this beautiful loafers.


  Photo credit : Tenple Egemasi

  What do you guys think about over-sized shirts, more love or hate?




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