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Hope At 56: “The Re-awakening”

 Like many countries, families and organizations; an anniversary is a time to reflect on past years, the gains and losses, successes and failures in order to learn from past mistakes, and re-strategize for desirable future results. As a country, we have come a long way in years and strengths, we have survived the storms and the Lightnings, grown past our fear of failures(because we have been promised a lot and have got nothing in return), the terrorism and religious fanaticism that divides us, or the Great big ‘change‘  that came with the dreaded recession causing the rise of prices of almost everything we hold dear. Regardless  of all these, Nigerians have found a way to survive; finding ways to celebrate the little wins we’ve been able to make thus far, and the fights and tears of our heroes past.

I try to picture Nigeria as a 56 years old father, who is going through a really difficult time, who has survived life threatening diseases and many other illnesses  that other fathers might have not survived, he has lost children and relatives, he has not been able to meet up with every requirements of his children and his burden just gets heavier; and everything just seems like it’s going down hill for him. But regardless of the situation he is going through, he has not lost hope, but continues to thrive in the little ways he can, because he understands that his little efforts will yield a bountiful harvest. You would see his continuous search for greener pastures, and when it gets dark he lights up his lantern and still keeps moving forward because all hope can never be lost as long as there is life.

 Happy Indpendence Day Nigeria!

Photo credit: @Xtreme24photography

Model: Frank Enenmoh (on IG: phrank_90)




2 thoughts on “Hope At 56: “The Re-awakening”

  1. Yes!!!! I can imagine Nigeria as a 56 years old father with d grey-est 😹😹😹 hair n beards,sunken stomach,never ending creases on his forehead, struggling to walk amidst d breakdown of everything within him(recession), and with a smooth shaven hair from all the lies and corruption he has encountered…….

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