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Jeans and Bohemian

Hey dear,

Hope you had an awesome day? My day was awesome, although I got stressed out from the marathon classes I had today am happy its ending  on a good note.

I’m quite happy with the bright colors I went with, that helped to manage the heat, and I did a little post on what you could wear this period Here  



If there’s any piece of wardrobe I wouldn’t be able to live without, that would be my jeans! You can’t overemphasis the importance of this fashion piece. It’s ageless, it’s versatile, weather friendly, you can pair it up with almost anything  and the list just goes on. 

So I paired my jeans with a white bohemian shirt I got for cheap at a thrift store and a pair of flats to finish off the look.


Would love to know what you guys think about my outfit in the comments box below.  

   Photo credit: Temple Egemasi


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