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My Nude Story


There I go making troubles, I know I caught you with that post title, but there’s no rated 18 content here, so #boybye.

 In some countries, summer just officially came to an end, and they’re welcoming the chilly weather of fall, while in Nigeria we are gradually saying goodbye to the rainy season and welcoming the dry season or the harmattan season as it is widely known.
    I can’t say I’m a Huge fan of this season, but I honestly do love the mornings and nights because it’s usually cold and you can have a wonderful nights rest although the afternoons are usually quite hot, not to worry I did a little post on outfits you could wear during this season to manage perspiration Here


My outfit choice was inspired by my love for the earth. Lol, that sounds weird right? 

But i feel like we don’t show appreciation to this wonderful planet like we odd to, instead we cause more harm and damage to this beautiful planet that gives us the basic things we need to survive- air, food and water. Without these 3 basic things we wouldn’t be able to survive. 

You can do these little things everyday to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a less harmful environment.

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Don’t waste our water 
  • Go green 

 Doesn’t sound difficult, right?  

We could all be TEAM EARTH and work hand in hand to save this wonderful planet.


So I paired my brown skinnies with a brown button down shirt and brown sandals to finish off the look.

 How do you guys feel about the earth? How can we take better care of it?

Photo credit: Temple Egemasi   


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