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Monday Motivation: Take Pride!

     Wear your insecurities like an armor,  because what you accept can never be used against you!


      While growing up, I equated having a caramel complexion meant being prettier. I endlessly wanted to be light-skinned and unfortunately, I’ve always had group of girlfriends that were light-skinned and I’m always the only dark-skin in the group.  So most times, people referred to us as the ‘the three girls with the blacky’. They always pointed out that I was black, like it was a rare disease or something  and the irony of everything was 90% of those who referred to me as ‘blacky’ we’re always darker than I was.

 Fast forward to my fresher days in UNICAL, where there are tons of caramel skin tone beauties that being dark or black made me feel like I wasn’t pretty. At some point I thought about bleaching, but I’m not a fan of dark knuckles, so that was totally out of the question.

    There was this particular guy, that I had the same lectures with, regardless of how many times I might have told him my name; he always ended up calling me ‘blacky’ and unfortunately for me he had the same lectures I did.

Poor me right? 

Like I said the irony of everything is that he was darker than I am. I’m quite sure that he did not like the fact that he was dark skinned so he tried to tease me about being dark, because he wanted to feel like he wasn’t so dark.

   That was one of my many insecurities, because I endlessly wanted to be light skinned or at least caramel.

Now that I have grown up, I realized that I wouldn’t change my complexion for anything( I might want to be darker lol) so my point is, don’t let anyone pull you down, because of how God created you. He made you specially, so trust him and take pride in yourself!
Photo credit: Egemasi Temple


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