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Style Diary: Worth it!

Hey there, 

  How’d your week turnout? Hope you accomplished what you had planned for the week as well? My week was S T R E S S F U L… I literally didn’t have time for anything, had lots to do, from assignments to studying for tests and exams; whoever said the life of a student was easy, lied. lol

 A few weeks ago, I had seen this dress on a hanger and the little shopping spirit in my head, kept saying ” it’s for you, don’t let it go!”  And my eyes went with it, because I couldn’t just peel my eyes off it. 

I tried it on, and literally couldn’t let it go. Although with the economic situation of the country, the dress was on the high side regardless of how I tried to use my pricing skills, the price didn’t go down. 


    But I just couldn’t let the dress go. So I got it, because I was sure in the long run I wasn’t going to regret getting the dress, because….

  It was just the perfect fit for a Friday movie date; short, flirty, and simple and didn’t need overaccessorizing to stand out, a simple little bag and sandals will do just fine.

What do you guys think?




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