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Peace and Positivity  

hey dear,

Firstly I want to acknowledge Grace Alex for taking a stand for the growing bloggers across Nigeria, it’s really hurtful to see women pulling each other down instead of building them up.  

For those of us that don’t understand by what I mean by that, let me give you a brief introduction to what I’m  about talking about,

So I read a post on a recognized fashion and lifestyle blog in Nigeria(I’m not going to say the name) about the just concluded fashion weekend how some bloggers were exempted because they did not meet the standards they deem fit. That this bloggers wear thrift clothing instead of the recognized brands, and guess what; it was written by a woman. Hurtful right?

Blogging involves a wide range of choices and most importantly is that platform where you can be anything you want. I don’t believe in the rule that you have to only wear recognized brands to be seen as an influential blogger in the so called ‘cliche standards’ they’ve created.

There’s more to it than just that, I believe that fashion blogging is  about your creativity with outfits, working with trends and your ability to actually coin words and  impact your readers, through each post.
  So if you’re of the view that blogging is about just wearing recognized brands I hope you keep that to yourself and stop pulling other ladies down from actually being whatever they want to be. So I’m saying No to Girl Shaming.

 So for this post, It’s all thrift shopping except for the sun glasses, baseball cap and sandals. 
Photo credit: Temple Egemasi

What’s your take on girl shaming? Should bloggers be only recognized when they wear the recognized Brands? Let’s hear those views in the comments box below.


3 thoughts on “Peace and Positivity  

  1. You are so right. I’m a fashion blogger and I wear whatever fits. Thrifted or not. I don’t. think I know many brands in Nigeria cos let’s face it, we are good but we still need to step up our game. It’s sad to hear this cos I actually decided that I might go next year cos I like these fashion events…I watch them a lot on tv.
    No to girl shaming right? I like that.

    Did you intentionally publish this stuff twice?

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