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Essentials for the hot weather

I anticipated the harmattan so much that I feel slightly heartbroken because of the heat lately. Last year’s harmattan was one of my favorite in Abuja; it had cold mornings, slightly hot afternoons and cold nights as well but this year’s harmattan isn’t the case because it’s hot through out the days and that brings me to the purpose of this post.

So I’m sure most of us are not aware of the damages the sun could cause our bodies and the major effect of heat to our bodies;  From sun burns to skin cancers and other skin problems and the sun can do more damage than good to our eyes when exposed to UV Rays. 

So here are some fashion essentials that will come in handy during this period.


  • Sunglasses  and  Caps: to shield your face from the sun and also protect your eyes from direct sun rays you can rely on these two. When stepping out during the day try as much as possible to have either a face cap on or sunglasses 
    face cap
  • Go bright and resist dark colors it’s no news that dark clothes like black heat up because black absorbs light while white reflects it. When the energy of light is absorbed it turns into heat                 
  • Handykerchiefs this is very essential for people who find it difficult to breath during the harmattan season.  Here’s why, because we take in so much dust when we breath during this season, so regularly clean your nostrils with clean handkerchiefs to ease breathing.  
  • A good body oil: it’s very common to see white elbows, knuckles and dry hands during this season. So try focus more and apply body oil to these areas.  
  • Good lipgloss or lip balm chapped lips are quite common as well in harmattan, always have your lip balm or lip gloss handy.   
  • Stick to more Cotten clothes: light clothes like chiffon and silk ten to stick to the body when the harmattan wind blows. So try to stick to more Cotten clothes this season 

Hope this post comes in handy this season. 

Until next time 


Photo credit:pin interest 


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