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5 November Lessons

Hi dear,

I’m super excited for this new month, why? Its because it’s my birth month and I’ve waited since the beginning of the year to say a happy birthday to myself and other babies in December because we totally rock.

November was filled with activities and memories;so here are my 5 lessons from November 

  • The  Lagos fashion week it’s a multi-day fashion event platform, aimed at driving the Nigerian and ultimately the the African fashion industry by bringing buyers, consumers and the media to view current collections of African designers in the fashion capital of Lagos. From the pictures and amazing videos I watched, well I can say it was bomb! And I sure want to see more of Nigerian fashion making its wave in the global world. For those of us who were not able to make it, not to worry there’s next year and we’re not missing it for anything. Who’s with me?
  • Girl shaming: It’s quite annoying and frustrating reading posts about girls pulling down other girls who are trying to win. Well, I did a lot of ranting Here you should check that out. 
  • Gained friends and lost some; sometimes when I lose friends it’s hurtful but I always make my peace with them, wish them the best and then I say goodbye. 
  • Patience is key:  although I learnt this the hard way but guys learn to be patient it always comes in handy.
  • Be happy more often: I have this friend that always says this ” we have our whole lives to be adults, and such little time to be kids”  so seize the moment to go on crazy rides, have lots of ice cream and be around people who make you happy. 

Have a lovely December!

Until next time xoxo


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