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Happy Birthday to Me!

So 14th December is one hell of a special day- well, because it’s my birthday and I always get so excited that I almost can’t eat anything…..  But this year was different, I think I’m waking up fat tomorrow though. Lol!

 First of all, I’m starting off saying a massive thank you to you guys for all the brithday wishes; I felt so spoilt really and at some point I had tear drops from the wonderful words and prayers. They left me speechless! 

For every message and call this was my face. Yeah  thank you so Much guys! 

    With my tailoring classes going on, I get exhausted when I get home I just find my bed and that’s it for the day. Which causes me not to post as usual. I’m sorry guys but next year will be different.

    So this off-shoulder piece was made by me *smiles* I’m that good! 

What I love about this off-shoulder piece is that it has an elastic which means through thick and thin you’re sure that your elastic will hold up and not fall off. I can remember when this piece was so on trend, but most of them at that time didn’t have elastic to hold it up and a friend of mine wanted to try it out, well she did but she felt uncomfortable in them; she said she had to pull it up every 30seconds because it keeps slipping and exposing the unwanted hotties. Lol!


For the styling I tried using an accessory by cinching my waist with a tiny belt and also without a belt as well.


  I absolutely love them both( with and without the belt) lemme know what you guys think about it in the comments box.


  1. Top: ninaigwe
  2. Trousers: Denim
  3. Sandals: thrift

Until next time!

Love xoxo


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