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Tips For a Pocket Friendly Christmas 

For all you last minute shoppers and planners like me…. Well Christmas is upon us and it’s better to be late than sorry. In Nigeria this was one hell of a year for us, but we’ve successfully made it this far and all thanks to God.

Christmas is in less than 5days but most people I have conversed with are not even sure of celebrating this Christmas because of the financial situation of the country. But it’s alright,  I made a little list of things you could do to have a magical Christmas on a very low budget.

  • Make a budget  based on your savings:     this ones for all the born-again “recessionist” who just started penny pinching. It’s always a good idea to note how much you’re able to spend and prepared to spend. Whatever you note down must be guided by your savings. Also keep in mind that January is always considered a financially difficult month, well because most people spent more than their pockets during the Yuletide. 
  • Spend time with family- Family is the best support system you could ever have,  during the course of the year you probably had been too busy to find out how your mums doing, or how you’ve lost some connection with your siblings or your significant other because of less bonding time. As Christmas approaches, create a way to spend Christmas with your loved ones at home.
  • You don’t have to buy everything- try not to indulge in frivolities this season. As expected this season will come with spending spree in which some items are not needed. Make a short list of your wants and needs, satisfy your wants and your needs can come during the course of next year.
  • Re-use decorations: another way to have a pocket friendly Christmas is to dust and and reuse your old box and decorations as add a little spice by indulging the little ones to make decorations to add with your old. Box of decorations.
  • Visit and celebrate with others: beside making it a season of fun and experience for yourself in visiting others, it’s also a great way to cut down expenses.
  • Exchange gifts with value: Christmas is a time to exchange gifts and goodwill. You Don’t have to be a pest on others; you should do well to give as it is in your capacity. Don’t buy gifts that will ruin your pocket.
  • Make the budget work: at the end of the day, we should all understand that life continues after Christmas. So you have to make the budget work for you. Not everyone can live comfortably in debts, so try from now to track your spending  and see your budget through. It is possible to have a pocket friendly Christmas without racking up in debt.

Well money spent on fancy toys and jewelries is fun and exciting until eventually the excitement goes away and is replaced with new desires for something else. But on the other hand memories last forever!

Until next time, have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!



Photo credit: Temple Egemasi


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