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Travel diaries: “Ime-mmahi”-Salt Lake

Happy Christmas babies!

Sorry it’s coming late but as long as the Christmas lights and decors are still up, it still counts as Christmas though! 

Although I have gone MIA for a while now on my Instagram and Facebook; don’t think I was sleeping on you guys I was out here discovering amazing landscapes and traditions that have been lost to civilization. Ready to learn something new today?

Let’s do this!

The salt lake is located between Umuchimma and Urobo in uburu village of Ebonyi state Nigeria. As the name goes, every drop of water found around this lake when boiled turns into salt; no wonder Ebonyi is regarded as the ‘salt of the nation.’

In the olden days, this lake served as a ceremonial ground for newly wedded brides and mind you men where not allowed here.

After your traditional marriage, the woman’s hair will be shaved into punk; and she will be brought to this lake for the ceremonial dance. Other women will form a circle as she goes to pick a pot and fills it up with water from the lake.







one of the pots
After which she will dance round the circle to the different songs being sung by the women. 

After the ceremonial rites, she then takes the pot home ( its significance is that as salt adds taste to food and so does the woman to her household) and boils it prepare meals for her husband.

She then becomes a fully married Uburu woman! 

dried salt

It’s a beautiful tradition that shouldn’t have been lost (except for the punk hairstyle though!)  from the stories I heard from my mum; almost every girl in those days would have loved to experience this amazing tradition.

And for the lake, I would love that government turns it to a tourist sight or a factory. Let this natural resources be put to proper use, earning extra revenue, and it can serve as a source of employment as well.  

the white patches are dried salt

the salt lake extensions

What do you guys think about this lake? What advise would you give the government? Would you love to see more discoveries?

Let’s here all those thoughts in the comments box below!

Outfit details

Dress: tailored by me

Sandals: Asos

Bag; thrift 
Until next time



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