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2016 Last Post “Lessons”

  Been avoiding the 2016 last lessons so much; but I just couldn’t help it 

So here it goes:

What did I learn from 2016?

This year I learnt to put my trust ONLY in God. And always have faith even when things go bad that His plans are always the best for me.I learnt that when things go upside down or wrong in life, i.e business, relationship, school etc its because God has better plans for me and I should not limit myself when one road doesn’t go well there are plenty other roads to go to.

2016 also taught me that you can’t demand to be respected; respect is earned. I also learnt that hardwork and integrity works hand in hand. And though you may not see result immediately but you will eventually. 

I have learned to not hold grudges and always look on the positives  and life lessons in whatever situation I’m in.

2016 taught me to set goals and tasks for every week and constantly examine myself; appraise myself where necessary and vice-versa.

I also learnt that Life is not even about titles, but respect and apreciation and whoever gets to have you MUST VALUE YOU.

And finally  in life you don’t need so many friends; you just need a few who you could attest they’ll be with you through thick and thin and don’t confuse associates with friends.
What did 2016 teach you?


2 thoughts on “2016 Last Post “Lessons”

  1. 2016 taught me people pretend well. Not everything you see is what it is, only God truly understands so trust in him. And finally don’t believe the hype and never take advice from someone who haven’t been to where you want to go.

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  2. 2016 taught me how to trust God no matter how things are looking. I also learned that humans can be complicated and the world can be scary, you just need to be yourself and let God take over your affairs.

    I like your last point. We really don’t need much friends. Also differentiating between friends and associates is very important.

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