Embracing 2017  in prayers 

Hey beautiful people,

 I’m glad we made it this far to yet another new year, although 2016 came with its own drama; but as Nigerians we can survive anything and that’s what makes us special.

So for my first post for 2017, I’m praying for blessings over all my readers.

Claim it with an Amen!

  You can never underestimate the power of good health of mind and body, because without it all our plans are useless if we’re going to be lying on a sick bed.

May we all go through this year in good health of mind and body.

  So most times we’re carried away by our own plans and when that plan doesn’t work out; we come crying back to God.

2017 shall be your year to work with God, and may we experience all the good things He has planned for us. 


May we find Favour from people  we meet this year, and let us be a source of blessing to others this year as well.


May every effort we make this year be crowned with success and we shall experience testimonies upon testimonies. Amen!

What do you pray for this year?


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