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Crafted in the 90’s

Hope we’re all having a great Sunday?            
 I’m writting this post in a really good place right now, nothing serious just at “Coldstone Icecream” and enjoying the heavenly taste of my vanilla flavored ice cream with chocolate toppings. Lol

So from my trip to the village, I discovered mums crafted handbag she rocked in the 90’s and immediately fell in love with it.


Well, because it can fit all my stuff, and don’t forget it’s vintage, yes its vintage people and y’all know how I am with vintage *sigh*

 The sight of the bag, resurrected my love for crafts and  I absolutely do love them from beads to leather works and the list  just goes on… And hopefully I’ll be adding a lot of that to my blog posts this year.  


I’ve been getting DM’s about where I got the top from,well,  I got it from a friends online store; they don’t have an Instagram account yet; but I’ll definitely convince her to do that soon because they have really nice things.

Outfit Details 

Skirt: Thrift

Bag: Mums wardrobe 
Shoes: Zara basic

What do you guys think about crafted  bags, would you rock them?

Until next time!




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