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Duchess of Melanin County

Hey dear, 

 Let’s take a little moment to enjoy this dress made by me *blushes! 
Few years ago, I wouldn’t have been so comfortable wearing a gold dress; because I always thought they were made for only the light skinned beauties; but right now I feel like every girl deserves a gold number in her wardrobe.

Here’s my reason

Gold speaks of Royalty , Power, Wealth, Honor,  Class, Precious, and just all the right things you can think of are ascribed to gold.

And isn’t every woman gold? 

 A woman is born dipped in gold,

Bronzed by elegance,

And enameled by grace 



This was shot while we were at the village, by one amazing tiny photographer called  @tessea_ee, despite the harmattan the camera was my best friend.


From this gown, I can truly say I’m a pro and I’m definitely taking orders…. 
Outfit details 

Gown: @nina_igwe

Purse: @thrift

Heels: Zara basic 

Beads: @marybeadsempire
What do you guys think about this gold number?

Until next time 



9 thoughts on “Duchess of Melanin County

  1. What a lovely dress. You made it, so it’s even more special. I love the mermaid design. But my favorite thing about your outfit is your smile, and what I believe is your sweet personality shining through.

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