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White Valentine 

It’s almost ‘the lovebirds day’ called Valentine’s Day; filled with lovers crowding all the malls around, getting each other presents or just doing whatever makes their  valentine special…. And for the single ones like me- Slaying through the day with other singles as well. 

I would have come up with a singles guide to Valentine’s Day, but then again it’ll be like repeating the singles guide to Christmas once again.

Ladies, if you’re sad because you’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day. Just remember that nobody loves you any other day of the year either. (except JESUS) So, come up with a creative way to spend this beautiful day….    


  • You could watch movies
  • sit-out with your friends
  •  go bowling
  • get that spa treatment  
  • Visit an orphanage


whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy and have fun as well.

Outfit DetailsDress: Thedianeboutique

Heels: Fiore

Photo credit: Temple Egemasi 

Until next time!



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