The Tale Called ‘Valentine’s Day’

Flowers, candy,red hearts and romance. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?                                        Well, maybe not!

Valentine’s Day like many other celebrations I.e Christmas, new year, Easter, and other days marked for celebrations have gradually lost their significance and gradually becoming the opposite of what they were meant for; like mostly it has turned into a day set aside  by most ladies and sometimes men to extort money and other material gifts form their loved ones and this belittles the true existence of this special day.

 Let’s go way back down history lane and the originator of this day.

St. Valentine was a Roman priest, and at that time there was an emperor called Claudis who persecuted the church and was also against young marriages. This was because majority of the young men at that times were soldiers and so beloved that unmarried soldiers fought best than married soldiers.

Saint Valentine was after encouraging them to marry within the Christian church which accepted( the one man one man marriage) and so he secretly married them because of this edict.

And because of this, St. ValenTime was executed.

So from the story so far, what does Valentine mean to you?

For me, it’s a day set aside for couples and lovers to spend this special day together and expressing their love for each other through gifts and presents. And they should also keep it in mind that gifts and presents are not a do or die affair to show that the person loves you. Actions for me are better proofs of ones love, and so look out for that more often.

And for the single ones like me, if you feel you must celebrate this day, that’s fine; take yourself out, and pretty much enjoy the day.

                      Happy Valentine’s Day!


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