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Let’s Aim for Perfection

In a world where people are known by the amount of money in their pocket, and are given class based on how they dress; if one day our hearts becomes our faces; how would we look?

Would you still be beautiful? Or still the handsome dude?

Most times we feel so superior with our material possessions that we forget that in the end, it’s all vanity and it’s the contents of our hearts that plays a major role.

 “Did you love the one who hate you?”

Did you find the purpose of your existence and made use of the talents that was given to you?

How well did you make use of the position that was given to you to be of assistance to someone else?

Did you become envious of the success of your friend or loved one?

  All this and many more questions are what we should ask ourselves daily; Matt5:48 says we too can be perfect as our father in heaven is perfect!

To attain perfection, we must learn to walk with God daily and do the right things that will make our father in heaven proud of us as well and pour his blessings upon us.

Make daily declarations for yourself and may all our efforts be crowned with success this week. Amen!

Church was lit, so was this hand-made Ankara by me, I Paired it with a gold stiletto and a gold Chanel purse to go  


Photo credit:  Temple Egemasi


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