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A Thankful Flower


Lately the workload on this poor lad has been so cumbersome that finding time to put pen on paper is gradually drifting away; but guess what, I’ve found a little way to make sure I try to post at least once a week and also do follow me on Instagram @nina_igwe. How about that?

It’s sunday, i feel like sharing a word or two with you guys.

Like my secondary school principal would say

“A grateful heart, is a magnet for miracles.” 

Most of us fail so much at giving God the thanks He deserves. Its like whenever it’s convenient for us, we praise Him, ask for a billion things never really taking the time to say thank you for life, our family,  friends and enemies. There are multitude of things we actually need to thank God for, we always want and take but don’t have the time to give God the maximum love in return.
All this blessings His pouring into your life, and yet your prayer life is inconsistent as well as the quiet time you spend with Him. 

As we step into a new week, I’m challenging you to wake up at least 20minutes earlier to thank Him for everything as well as grow spiritually by reading the scriptures.  We should learn to be still and quiet and listen to His voice.What I usually do is select a particular part of the scripture, read and meditate on it for that day.

Whatever you’re going through, don’t let your relationship with God suffer; because of  temporary circumstances that are blinding you from seeing  all that God is doing in your life. 

I’m wearing

Dress: Nina by Nina

Shoes: Forever21

Thanks for reading!

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