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Fishnet Fashion 1

Hello there,

I hope we are making the most of this first day of the week…..  Well, I’ve started  mine by trying to stic k with consistency on the blog.
If my mood matched the weather, it’ll be a gloomy morning, moderately sunny afternoon and hella chilly night.  

If you’re living anywhere close to Calabar you would be praying for the Rainny season, because it’s getting quite hot it’s almost impossible to plan anything during the day except at nights.  But that’s okay, let’s move right into the post for the day.
Fishnets have been in existence for a long time now, i never would have been one to rock em’ till my friend got it for me as a birthday gift because she thought I’ll look sexy in it.

She didn’t think wrong because, fishnets when combined properly, gives that effortless sexy that every girl wants and thank God it’s trending now; so it’s an added advantage for me.

I paired it up with crop top, cropped palazzo pants and heels sandals to go.


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