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International Women’s Day

if you’re reading this and you’re a woman, a big congratulations to you for making it this far, for being strong even when you felt like giving up, for your very existence my love….. You are awesome!

If I were to give a word of advice to all the women around the world, it will go thus, 

work hard and be true to yourself, there’s always the temptation to take shortcuts, but you learn so much more when you dig in and do the work yourself.”  

We should all understand that there’s no greater joy, than working hard and actualizing success. Understand that good things take time, so remind yourself when you’re in a difficult situation. 


The world is for strong women who are willing to challenge life and all it throws at them, women who are able to stand up after a broken heart, women who are not ready to take no for an answer especially when it interfares with their goals or ambitions.

So woman be strong, be independent, be your own #WCE

The world is yours only when you believe it!




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Dress: forever21


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