Although most of my friends will call this trip “a secret trip” but thinking about it for a little while just confirms their thoughts; because, well I felt a little bit crowded with little projects I’m working on, school and other stuffs. And if you’ve been following the blog you would have noticed a little slack in my posts as well. So, I had to hit the reset button and it worked just fine. 

I’m awesome, if you’re asking *winks*


Obudu Cattle Ranch “my vintage paradise like I would love to call it; well, because everything about the ranch says vintage(and y’all know how I am about vintage, and I was thinking for a moment about having a vintage inspired wedding; that will be awesome though,what do you guys think?)


The Cabins
Apart from the bumpy road and all other nuances that comes with road travels in Nigeria, Obudu is a 5 hours trip but when you add the nuances and bumpy roads that’ll make it 7 hours to Obudu. But that’s okay, the stress is definitely worth it.

The sun was precisely not my best friend on the way, but on reaching the local government area of Obudu you would already feel the warmth and fresh air surrounding you. At the entrance of the resort you would notice a bulls head, welcoming you into the resort. Climbing up the mountain was also exciting as well as intriguing for those of us, who love a little pump of adrenaline once in a while.

 The resort Which is a 5,200ft above sea level is filled with buildings made with old vintage bricks and roughly interlocked ground with big rocks.

The customer service over there is 101%(if there’s anything like that) I visited lots of sites as well at the resort; we have the Grotto which has the best view I’ve ever seen, the Obudu plateau which serves as a conservative reserve for the monkeys, the African inspired huts, the cabins and lots of other places as well. 
The Obudu cattle ranch is not overrated as I thought, it’s one place that everyone needs to definitely see…. My pictures I feel are not doing enough justice to how much of a beauty the resort is. Here’s a tip, to anyone who wants to visit the resort – go during the Yuletide(I.e Christmas or new year) or during July or August.

You’ll definitely have the time of your life!
Thanks for stopping by!

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