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Trend Watch: What the ‘it’ Girls are Wearing 

Hello beautiful people!

 When it comes to fashion, nothing ever ends; a trend that happened in the ’80s can be remodeled and made to be worn in 2017 and that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? But, I for one wouldn’t pile up clothes hoping that the trends comes up in the latter; because well there wouldn’t be space to all my clothes to fit in.

These season what the ‘it girls’ in fashion are wearing all sing comfortability, and play off the classic balance of hard and soft, an intersection of utility and ease. And y’all know that’s my fashion watchword, yeah?

After my constructive research on the trends to watch for, the following trends made the highest bid. So,Without further A-do lets get down to it.


aisle perfect in triple layered bell sleeves
1. Statement sleeves:

 it’s no secret that I love an outfit with a dabble or a difference and the statement sleeve is the style flourish that has succeeded in capturing the imagination of the A-listers and style icons in the fashion world. Be it the bell sleeves, split sleeves, super-sized sleeves, sleeves with peek- a-boo layers and the list just goes on.


vivaluxury blog
This trend can be paired with almost anything from trousers, skirts, shorts anyone can pull it off.
2. Silk Robe Coats: 
For those days you don’t have the strength to dress up, and  the work week stress affects your stylish outfits to party, the office, or school this trend definitely gives you the sophistication you need no effort. Instant upgrades, if you will.


This trend can be stylishly pulled off a with a jean and shirt, a dress, palazzos in general I’ll call this trend an all weather kinda trend, there’s no limit to the trend it can be paired almost with anything in your wardrobe. What a great investment right?

 3. Banker stripes:

 For me, I would say this trend never really goes away. Stripes are a must have in every girls wardrobe(repeat that again)  this time the stripes are bigger and more bold; from horizontal stripes to vertical stripes as well.


4. Pop of color: Yellow Pop

If you’re onsessed with bright colored clothing, then this will meet you well because I am quite obsessed with colors as well. 



Grace Alex

 This one is also for the color lovers, truth be told this trend looks good on everyone and also brings out the youthful look that well, everyone wants.  From tops, to rompers, jumpsuits, and so on,  the floral trend comes in different styles and it’s a must have  for the season.




  For me I would say, this trend started from the kardashain clan and we didn’t see it making a major comeback this fast.  This trend adds a little more shape for you, by making your waist look even smaller; which is well every girls dream. I love that this trend can be worn over anything shirt dresses(T-shirts included), dresses, camisoles and shirts.

There you have it, the 6 major trends in town, so go forth and slay!!

Until next time,




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