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Developing a Better Relationship with Yourself 


   Hope our week, started out well? Because mine is; and I hope this post inspires someone out there.

“So often we hear people talk about broadening your network, friendships, nurturing relationships, but little times do we hear people talk about nurturing the most important relationship in our lives which is – ourselves”

In this era where we have over 1000 online social platforms where people express themselves in different ways, and it’s so easy to lose ourselves trying to impress our 1000+ followers and hopefully get all those mushy-mushy comments from them, or compare our lives to others forgetting that we all have different journeys and our paces are different; to cut the long story short, I came up with 5 benefitting ways to master and develop  self-relationship.

1. Know what you want: Set a picture goal for yourself, so you understand the path you are on and why you’re on it. If you’re not sure what your deepest desire are- try journaling the favorite things you love doing that you can be called to do at any point and you’ll be glad you did it.

Whatever just popped into your head when you read the above statement, write it down. It helps you to be more self aware and gives you a better understanding to the why behind your actions. We all understand that sometimes life can be tough,  the “big picture goal”  reminds you to keep doing what needs to be done.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses:  when you enjoy doing something, although you put very little effort everyone seems to love it, you get an excellent on it or atleast a ‘best’ that tends to boast your confidence and you tend to do more and more. Now honey that’s  your Strength..

Knowing your weaknesses is equally as important, so that you can make room for improvement or outreach for help in those areas. This will make your life more easier and help you excel in what you do best.

3.  Accept your flaws: before I continue I need you to understand that “Nobody is perfect” and that even the most seemingly perfect people have insecurities. You can’t do much about what you don’t like about yourself, this is unless you’re going for plastic surgery and even then it’ll come with other complications that you probably didn’t see coming. However, you can learn to accept those flaws and love yourself regardless. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, people tend to see beauty in your  flaws.


4. No validations Needed: Embrace meditation. Stillness. Being by yourself with no distractions allows you to clear your mind, focus and think more clearly. It also helps us see things about ourselves that we probably won’t have noticed with all these hustling and bustling of life. There is so much relief in unplugging and uncoiling oneself.

5. Put yourself first: It doesn’t have to be every time, my point is don’t neglect your needs or wants. It means listening to your body and doing what it tells you; whether it’s eating when you’re hungry, going to bed early, excercising, and respecting your quiet time. It also includes physical factors such as putting an end to abusive relationships, or closing the circle of firends who take advantage of you.

I hope this was helpful? Don’t foget to Like. Share. And Leave a comment!

Thanks to the weather I finally got to wear one of my favorite bumper jacket , and went all gangster lol.

With love,




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