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How blogging Has helped me 

I’ve been blogging inconsistently for about a year and some months now, but professionally for 4 months now; and I’m quite sad I didn’t take it so seriously before, because I’ve improved so much from my vocabulary to exactly how I play with words when expressing myself. If you’re probably following me on Instagram you can attest to that.


Apart from looking for quality locations to shoot, I’m becoming more vigilant about my environment. I’m always looking for the ‘light’ at every point and listen carefully to every conversations (because sometimes that’s exactly where the ideas pops up). So I notice even the smallest things.



If you knew me a year ago, you’ll probably refer to me as someone who is shy to the nth degree. I hate putting myself in the spotlight, because I wasn’t so open to accept criticisms.  Blogging takes courage, you have to be able to do you, and understand the fact that you will be judged and even not more criticized and challenged. But here’s the good part, you will also inspire, motivate and encourage someone out there without even knowing…. And this part is what keeps me going and whenever there’s a little negativity coming in, I’m like “screw what they think!”

Little writer

If I told you I sucked at writting, would you believe me? Well, yes I did!  This is the best part I love about blogging, I’ve learnt to express every joy, pain, and general feelings in ways I never thought I could. It’s allowed me to create a dossier of work that I criticize, improve and reflect on. Thanks to blogging I’m becoming quite the proactive writer.

Business minded

Although most people will say, I’m a business student its expected. But truth be told, what you learn in the classroom is always different in practice. I’m constantly setting goals, I.e social and marketing goals, I can also look at analytics and react accordingly. I’ve learnt that if one strategy doesn’t work out, I re/group and re-strategize and this technique has manifested in all parts of my life. If something fails I brush it off and try again.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, I think you should; at least for growth!


6 thoughts on “How blogging Has helped me 

  1. I feel like you read my mind while writing this.
    Blogging has really helped me too, i wouldn’t consider myself a shy person however I’ve become more confident in advertising my blog amongst friends and family as i realised there is nothing to lose.

    Loved the post will be reading more xx

    Liked by 1 person

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