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OUTFIT | Blue Dress

  Wash,  Rinse, Dry, Iron and Repeat. 

That’s definitely going to be the case with this little baby blue dress I recently got my hands on, from the @the_thriftstoreng and believe me, this dress has gotten lots of compliments from me *side eye* so in case you see this dress more than once; I’m not sorry.

So back to Wash, Rinse, etc. In this social media age, where almost everything is documented, there’s some tendency that when an outfit has made a debut on social media; it can not be worn again, for fear of people tagging you as one who has just that one cloth or an outfit repeater. This distorted thinking (frankly, I’ve been guilty of it too) has forced us into believing that we need to consistently and ceaselessly show that we have new things. Truth be told, even  the shopaholics in Nigeria are slowing down because the economy isn’t encouraging unnecessary shopping encouraging at all.


I actually used to be quite conscious about repeating outfits and accessories; just like those sandal heels, you’ve probably seen them in 3 blog post and I’ve styled it differently as well. I think it’s logical, because what’s the point of buying an item just to wear them once? Or what’s the fun in just wearing them to take a couple of photos and taking them off?

(Honestly, why go through all that?)


Blogging has been cliched into “how many different items can I show that I have?” Instead of just being a platform to display your personal styles and frankly, be you; in the most intriguing way that the other person jumps on board. And even if someone isn’t feeling my outfit, I AM FEELING MY OUTFIT * pounds gavel**

Photographed by Temple Egemasi

With love, 

Nina x.


12 thoughts on “OUTFIT | Blue Dress

  1. Great post love the dress, and those photos are beautiful!! I too am guilty of that way of thinking. Social media has us guilty of a lot, I barely use fb and Instagram anymore.

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      1. Exactly! More people should take a break from it and focus on bettering themselves. Taking my break has helped a lot with my stress, getting things done, and not worrying about what everyone else has and what I do have and can get if I stay focused.

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  2. I totally agree! My blog is about fashion and style, but eco-socio-friendly fashion and I do wear my clothing on repeat. BTW, lovely dress and beautiful sandals.


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