Fashion · Personal Grooming

White x Peace

I’m Wearing 

Sandals: Singh shoes   

Dress: sisters closet     

Scarf: Thrift                   

Purse: Thrift
I don’t know if it is cliché  to say that whenever I wear white, I feel at peace with everyone and everything. I blame it on all the makeshift Jesus’s pictures and movies, that He was always in white. But if you feel the same, say Hi let’s know ourselves lol.

How do we find it?


The peace is within you. Always has been and always will be. We often get caught up in trying to look happy ( thanks to the Gram and snapchat) that we actually forget to be happy. 


The pursuit of worldly happiness often revolves around other people’s ideas and opinions which they have created for us, which we then project to ourselves and convince ourselves that it’s the right way to be happy and we just aren’t doing “Well enough”.



If only we knew that as long as we are doing something we love, we are doing just fine!

Before I disappear, if you’re reading this; You’re important and it is a miracle that you’re here. Don’t be too hard on yourself you’re doing better than you think!
Photographed by the Amazing Temple Egemasi


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