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The Motivation: VALUED

When it comes to dealing with people on a daily basis, I’ve Learnt  to take indecisive behavior as a ‘No’.

I value my Peace of Mind better.

I have an ‘if you don’t want me now, don’t check up on me later” policy. Well, because People know what they want, and if they’re indecisive ‘Then it isn’t you.‘ As hurtful as that sounds, we need to aknowledge the truth.

The least you deserve is someone who tries. Anything less than that doesn’t deserve you!

Because if you’re waiting for someone to make up their mind about you, it’s time to step back and work on your self confidence,  love!

If you’re reading this and you’re in a “situationship” breaking a sweat for your supposedly MCE and wondering whether he likes you or not; it’s time you drop him and move along love.

You are way to valuable to be sticking around and waiting for people to give you permission to adore yourself.
Babygirl, you still have time to give yourself the world.

99 out of 100, women stay with their indecisive wasteman of an MCM, because the tiny validation outweighs the constant rejection.

Why put yourself on hold for someone who ain’t checking up on you boo? I really haven’t heard of someone dying because of being single.

Most people I’ve seen excelled in their career when they took a step back from relationship with others and focused on theirselves;discovering their capabilities, developing themselves and making themselves better.

But once you’ve snapped out of the fear of being alone, you become stronger and unstoppable. Your life finally becomes yours to take! 

Giving indecisive niggas a second chance is so 2016 and we’ve all progressed so far from that. Drop litter and come join the winning team. We focused and Glowing!
Have a decisive week ahead!





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