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 Hair Style Alert| |  A Creative “Chuku “

 Currently Listening to Solid Gold by Chris Brown it’s my favorite song of the moment!
When I was little I did all the Nigerian hairstyles you could imagine from Threads, to All Back, Police catch thief, Police Cap, Chuku and the list goes on (You can laugh, because I think the names we call them are ridiculousn as well)

Growing up,  I gradually stopped and the only type of braids I stuck to was single braids; well because  my hair was exposed to a lot of chemicals while I was little and lost its strength, so anytime I tried those protective hairstyles it always affected my front hair and the only solution I took to that journey was chopping off my hair and staying  natural for a year which allowed my hair to get its lost strength and now I’m happy to start wearing this hairstyles once again.


“Chuku”  Ponytail Braids as  you all may know it  (since my local side is determined to write this post with me today,  brace yourselves to seeing more ‘igbonness‘ today lol.)

Most times you’d catch me wearing hairstyles that either cover a part of my eye because it has its sexy appeal,  or covering the shape of my head when I’ve lost weight and looking rather too young. But being a Nigerian and staying currently in Abuja,  the rains haven’t been so faithful and so it’s usually so hot; so I had to go with a hairstyle that was just stylish but also took a lot of hair off my face so I’m able to manage the heat a lot better now.

I love this hairstyle because it’s so chick and so bucket friendly as well. I spent N1,000 on a pack of Expression colour 2 (black)  and my sister handled making the hair and the designing. So call that a win win!

For maintenance I use shea butter on the visible lines and front hair to keep them healthy and strong. Although this hairstyle can last as long as 4-6 weeks, for me I’d be leaving it for 3 weeks only because I’m to excited to try on another braids soon. I’ll be sticking to more braids than weaves for the rest of the year and I’m so excited because my next braided hairstyle is going to be so bomb, so stay ready!!! 
What do you think about my chuku? Are you a fan of braiding as well? How do you take care of your braids? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.
Until next time xx


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