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Dear diary,

My day started quite as usual, wake up clean up and eat. I had been ecstatic to seeing “Wonder Woman” but missed it thanks to the perfectionist in me, who couldn’t decide on which lipstick to wear. I eventually went for pink lips(yay) by the time I was done it was 30Minutes past the time for the movie; I mentally slapped myself severally. 

So my friend (Mr B) tried consoling me by saying we could go bowling, I agreed and off we went; but I wasn’t so happy though( I get grumpy when my day doesn’t go as planned) to cheer me up Mr B said he’s sure I’d love to hang out at a garden. I thought it had been a bar or ‘joint’ so I said ‘No’ but since he kept crying I agreed( lmao he didn’t cry I’m just being dramatic)


Fast forward to finally getting there…. truth be told I was left in awe, it was such a beautiful place that I didn’t believe I was still in Abuja. The grasses were so green, the fountain beautiful, everything was perfect.

I took a stroll to the Zoo after the frugal part of me ended up arguing with the tour guide that we don’t need one, but said we had to pay to him, to let us see the animals.



I got to see some rare creatures I don’t see everyday like a;

 Fox – one of them was violent because she just had a child and they had to take the child away so they can properly care for it. Poor her, she probably is so angry.


 I saw an impala- although it’s cute, but the horns are deadly.

I found a rare and special Ram like me. This one had four horns instead of two  and can you believe it’s almost the same amount as a white horse if you want purchase. Incase you’re lost in all I just said; white horses are really expensive.So y’all being different or special is totally okay.


I also saw the African fish eagle


I finally saw an Ass- as in the type Jesus Christ rode on

There were hyenas as well, but it kept running away from us and peeing all over the place but I managed to take a photo of one before it ran.


Ostriches are so damn tall, I’m not even short but felt like I was *inserts jealous grin*

So I saw two tortoises, that are older than everybody I know, and guess what I did


I saw this Cute monkey that I heard it escaped from the zoo and went over to the next house… and chased everyone from the pool and then started swimming and afterwards used a towel to dry up lol… funny monkey, and they eventually purnished it by taking away it’s cage, so come rain come shine it’s going to stay there.



After the tour I ended up having a little Berry Sexy( it’s a mixture of strawberry and apple, I think) it tasted so great. 


At the end, I had a great time, so moral of the story Trust God when something doesn’t go right… he has better plans for you than seeing a movie, you know.
The End.

Until next time 
What do you think about the GMT Garden? Would you love to visit? Do you like the animals you saw? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.



  1. “…but it kept running away from us and peeing all over the place”
    Wow the place is so gorgeous! Great for photos too *Writes down in must-visit list* It’s about time I come out of the house more often ah ah these assignments won’t drown me

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