Beauty|| Facials with ‘Beauty Formulas’ and Cucumber 

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Saturday’s are one of my favorite days for having ‘Me Time’, I wake up 3 hours later than I usually do, do a little excercise, take time to do my chores, get some laundry done and finally my favorite taking time to treat myself and nothing beats a good skin care.

Before my Holiday started, I had made plans of taking extra care of my skin; from exfoliating at least two times a week and ensure I wash my face two times daily as well, so hopefully I stay true to my routine.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you my skin care routine using this facial  scrubs from ‘ Beauty Formulas’  and  afterwards used cucumber for toning. 

  1.    Exfoliating: The first step was applying the Honey and Almond facial scrub all over my freshly washed face. 

   Then I let it sit in for 10minutes.



2. Lip Scrub:   While I wait for my scrub, I move over to my lips ( they need some love as well) so I take a pinch of sugar and drop of water and apply it all over my lips and then gently massage them. Don’t go hard on your lips, it might make them sore.

3.  Wash Off: Wash off the scrub with warm water only, no soaps needed.


  The best part of adding edible fruits into your skincare is that you can nibble here and there with no side effects.

4. Rub the Cucumber all over: I could sue anyone who waste Cucumber really, so what I do is slice the Cucumber into 3 sections( while the fourth one is for nibbling) 

    Rub the cucumber all over your face and leave in for 30 minutes. While you wait, whenever you feel like it’s all dried  up rub the cucumber all over again and repeat for 30Minutes.


5. Wash off:  To end the process, I wash off again with Luke warm water. 

Easy peasy way of taking care of your skin.  And I love the results I’m getting which is so awesome and although not everything must work for everybody but this works for me and I’m glad I purchased it. 

Until next time,

What’s your skin care routine like? What products do you use? Do you like the sugar lip scrub? What’s your thoughts on the Beauty Formulas? Will you try it? I would love you to Share your thoughts with me.

” Word for the day”
Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.


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