The 5| Ways I Stay Motivated 

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I just realized that I haven’t wished you Amazing  people a happy new month in my Previous post , but I’ll do so today. First off, let’s dig into my outfit details and how I stay motivated.



I’m Wearing 

Jacket – Thrifted

White T-shirt – Thrifted 

Jeans – mums wardrobe 

Turban– Ankara

Slippers – Mums wardrobe 


If you didn’t already know, white shirt and jeans are the new new in the fashion world and I had to key into this trend because it’s effortlessly chic and when properly combined can be worn everywhere from the office to an informal gathering. I personalized this outfit by adding a turban, and tying up my white t-shirt into a knot (Excuse the location, the rains and heat has kept me indoors for the better part of my holiday, but we keep moving regardless) 

Although I rarely say this to people, I’m proud I started blogging, and it has helped me see light in so many things I would have swept under the rug; like the importance of consistency, hard work pays, art of creativity but most importantly motivating myself. So here are the 5 ways I stay motivated to help keep my boat rowing no matter how the storm hits my boat; the movement continues.

1. Pep talk ( I’m my number one fan)

If you’re following me on Instagram, you would have seen my recent post where I confessed I talk to myself (but not in a crazy way though) I have mirror mornings where remind myself who I am and all the favorite things I love about me, like 

” You’re a Gem, I see you doing great things,  I loved that post you put up yesterday babe; I’m so proud of you!”

As simple as that statement is, it encourages me to put more out there because, you can’t disappoint your number one fan, it’s bad business lol.


2. I Visualize My  Future
This one is my favorite, I go ahead to list all the good things of life I want; a house on an island with ocean views, travel to countries I deem fit whenever and wherever, shop without looking at the price tags and the list goes on.. but I can’t get all that without putting so much work, so I keep forging forward and doing more so those dreams can become a reality.


3. I Validate Me

People are always masters at judging and criticizing others but themselves. The truth is no one ever sees the efforts you put in but yourself. That’s why when negativity comes in, I turn deaf ears and rather focus on the positivity coming in. 

I also live by the quote that

” before you take an advice from someone, look at how their lives are” 

Most people who haven’t constructed anything will tell you, do this, do that but in reality they can’t handle what you’re doing or rather even want you to be as mediocre as they are.

4. I Hang with Positive Energy

Energy they say is contagious, when you have more people encouraging you, that are proud, that support you this most likely will motivate you to do more. So more positive energy less negativity is key.


5. I Have a Mentor 

Having someone you look up to, motivates you to work harder and better. For me my mentor is Rihanna, I love how hard she works and how she does her, without caring what the world thinks and congratulations she is a major style icon in the fashion world. 


There you have it, my five ways I stay motivated,  I know I’m not really good at motivational speaking but I hope this helped add a little value to your life? So on that note,  I want to wish you all a happy new month and Gods abundant blessings and favors be all you receive this month. 

Have a great week!

 What other way do you stay motivated? Who’s your mentor? Do you also have the mirror mornings? Will you try some of my tips? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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