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Notes | June’17

Recently just found out how therapeutic this is, not only to help you stay focused and determined but helps you keep important details you might easily forget… so on that note here’s what’s been happening with me in June.

Location –  Back to calabar and ready to take on the city.

Craving : Ice creams and cakes almost everyday; I don’t know what to do about my sweet tooth *blushes**


Mood- I’m so excited to be back to school ( and yes, I didn’t mean that) Final year feels like the most overwhelming time; like you’re excited that you’re going to be done with school, and as well trying to do all you have to do to not just come out with the best grades but as well lay foundations so you don’t just come out hanging.

Listening: To ‘show you off ‘ by shizzi ft wurld. It’s been on repeat and maybe God is trying to say something to me like  ” Bae, is about to show up” so imma just keep listening.

Reading: The Richer woman by Omolola Oshikoya and I’m amazed at how someone could write so good.


Wearing: Been all about the white shirt and jeans, simple yet effortless slay.



Aspiring: Not to just complete my project on time, but to do it so well I get the grade I deserve and try to attend more classes.

Admiring: Zendaya, Her ambitious, business mind and fashion has evolved overtime, she’s on Vogue y’all!!! My girl be doing the damn thang!!


: just putting this out here incase anyone wants to surprise me with a pair of these, because I need more shoes. You can get you a pair Here


Anticipating: The #halleluyachallenge,  although we’re coming towards the end of this 30days praise and worship for miracles and intervention, if you still haven’t joined; you can also partake by tuning in and watching the live video with Nathaniel Bassey (@nathanielblow) at 12 midnight and receive your miracles by simply praising God for an hour.


Appreciating: God, my  mum and sisters are the highlights of my life, they get the major gists on my rants, offer advice to help me see life in a better way and I’m grooming beautifully to the woman I aspire to become.

Planning: To include more style posts and stay true to my white Instagram theme.

Loving: The Calabar weather, I slept like a princess because the night was chilly plus I woke up to a rainy morning and guess how I’m spending my morning ‘ staying in bed, and sipping a cup of tea and then dozing off afterwards  

Annoyed by:  Nigerian roads, my road trip yesterday was longer than ever due to the bad roads plus people are dying everyday because of this.

Regretting: Nothing in particular. It’s just been lessons learnt.

Discovering myself by this in depth question I came up with-

“I’m a different person to different people. Annoying to one. Talented by many. Quiet To a few. And unknown to a lot. But who I’m I to me?

With all said, I’m just gonna go back to drowning in my final year projects and keep discovering who I am to me. Feel free to share what’s been going on with you in the comments section below.

And major thanks for stopping by!




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