OUTFIT| Casual Monday 

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Issa a public holiday, and I’m so excited to do nothing and catch up on more movies and get an overdose of sleep, because you have to treat yourself right before our everyday hustling and buzzing kicks off. And on that note I Want to wish my Muslim Reader’s,    

have a swirl time and Eat!! Eat!!! Eat!!!!!!!!

To be honest with y’all, this was the hardest shoot I’ve eeeevvveeer done since I started blogging, but turned out to be one of my favorites. Before I go into details about how it all went down, I just want to make a public appeal to everyone 

Appreciate anyone that makes an effort to succeed, by encouraging and helping them on their joiurney; because nothing is ever too small for the one who is willing and relentless on the journey to success.

If you have the money to support, do not relent,  because it is in giving that you receive, if you can offer advice to make the person better go ahead,  and for bloggers, leave us comments to help us know we are doing something right and to also encourage us as well, ** drops mic**

I’m Wearing 

T-Shirt – JUMIA (Tap on jumia to be      redirected 

Pants- Gifted

Shoes- Fioré

Backpack – Thrifted 

Glasses – Street vendor 


If you’re already guessing, yes I love T-shirts and I’ve worn them  Here and Here because, it is effortless and easy to pull off. Pants are so comfy as well as easy to pull off and you can tell that I’m so in love with them. 

Doing things with ease has become more appealing to me  and that includes dressing up! I’ve being on a mission to not let certain things affect my mood completely. So if things are not going as perfectly as I planned; I take deep breaths and figure out a way around it instead of throwing a fit.

My shoot had started badly, the weather was way to hot, plus I was on a black colored t-shirt; which is of course a terrible idea for a sunny day,  I ruined my makeup, I worked with a photographer but didn’t like any of the pictures he took with his camera (please recommend photographers that are based in Calabar) so note that this are all my phone pictures (It did the work nicely) but instead of quitting I found a way of turning all the negatives of that day and turned them into positive.

I had a swirl time shooting and I’m loving  my new favorite things, ( I did a  thrift shopping spree y’all and it was amazing!) I’m looking forward to sharing some of my thrifted items at amazing prices- Anticipate!

My teeth has been extra white this days thanks to Oral B, so I might just end my post with a smiling selfie advert of me for Oral B tooth paste!


Until next time, Thanks for stopping by!

How do you manage your bad days? Are you loving the new blog theme? What are your thoughts about my outfit? Feel free to share your thoughts with me, in the comments section below.


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