Thrift Haul ‘June17


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Good things they say aren’t the most expensive, but comes from the most simple things of life. I was lucky enough to get this babies for less, because it seems I’m gradually learning the art of market pricing, how to play your ball so well you get it at discounted prices and most especially choosing quality over quantity. So in this post, I will be sharing my tips and tricks on how to buy better for less… grab your pen ladies, its going to be insightful.

  • MAKE A LIST: thrift shopping is like grocery shopping; you don’t go to a grocery store without first knowing what you want. So on that note, make a list of what you want making sure you give your own price, so that you don’t over exceed your budget.

Since my thrift shopping was centered on school, so basically it consisted around a good quality chiffon shirt, cotton shirts, bag packs, etc

  • RELATE WITH THE SELLER: people are more open when you’re friendly; if possible smile at him/her it eases the tension in the room , and makes the person to be more open. Here’s a tip, if you speak their language go ahead; you might end up purchasing everything at such unbelievable prices.

  • TAKE TIME: it’s a thrift store not a boutique, so you shouldn’t expect to find everything at a go, you might need to take more time in searching for things. P.s there will be a lot of waist bending if you’re very serious to get pieces. I was obviously late to the Gingham party but still ended finding one after taking to properly search


  • LOOK OUT FOR POPULAR DESIGNER BRANDS: you choosing to shop at a thrift store mean you’re still trying to look stylish but at less expensive rate, so dig dip and look out for popular designer items. I found this “Dior purse “for 1000 Naira as well as an “Ivanka Trump” chiffon shirt for 200 Naira you probably would have purchased neck cutting prices.


  • FIND A THRIFT PARTNER: you cannot do it all alone, getting a partner who either knows the market more than you can help you locate items faster as well as chip in suggestions about your items


I had a swirl time shopping, plus snatching designer items at affordable rate is always a win. I’m looking forward to hearing your thrift stories anytime; feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

Do you thrift? How was your experience? What do you look for while thrifting? Feel free to share your thoughts with me now on the blog.









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