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OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes 

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I really can’t believe we are on another quarter of the year, slowly but surely we’ve come a long way this year; I hope you’re congratulating yourself for all you’ve done, because truth be told it hasn’t been easy…. but guess who did it all, you!!!

When it comes to fashion, I like to see myself as ‘an old soul‘ because I’m pretty much attracted to vintage pieces and will definitely trade modern pieces for vintage if I ever had to choose ( no argument there)

I’m Wearing 

Blazers – Thrifted  N500

Shorts – Thrifted N50

Belt- complementary gift 

Bag – Thrifted N 1000

Brogues- Thrifted N1,200

                   Total N 2,750

  If you’ve been following me, you would have noticed I have all the old school pieces from baggy jeans, high waisted denims, and more so you can include everything about this look to the old school lifestyle, especially the shoulder pads on this blazers * inserts deep quotes** 


I’m one with sticking to what I believe works for me, because being me makes me comfortable and less anxious about everything life brings. As you can see, embracing my style makes me so happy and my pictures captures that completely (even though passers by couldn’t stop looking, probably wondering what I was doing, but nonetheless)

So for this look I’m not just channeling old school vibes but comfortability, and being you 100%, because there’s no point forcing yourself into places you don’t belong.

So on that note, have a great week and Be you in all entirety, You’re a perfection the world needs.

P.s in My faux Kim kardashian voice ” I had a little mishap with my shoes, permit me.” 

With love,

How can you describe your style? Do you like my perspective of old school? 


8 thoughts on “OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes 

  1. Girl this look is so amazing! It fits you so well, its so well thought out and put together, I’m shook! I am so in love with your shoes! I wish I could rock an outfit like this half as well as you did! Love this post, honestly

    Liked by 1 person

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