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Since it’s still the first week of the month, so it’s still safe to keep wishing you all A Happy NEW Month. I’m quite excited to be in another half of the year, but can we take a moment to appreciate jeans that fit so well and hugs every right angle perfectly just like this one did in this post? And  if you thrift a lot like me and haven’t found your “one ” jean then I have the perfect  solution for you.

What I’m Wearing:

   Jeans: Thrifted 

Heels: Fioré

Bag: Thrifted 

Shirt: Gift

While growing up before the LBD’s became a cliché that comes with friday-night outings, jeans had to the first choice on everyone’s minds because not just how your derrière looked, but also how easily you could pull it off with just a simple shirt (any shirt at all) and still look classy.


The key tip to pulling off this entire look is getting jeans that fit you perfectly, although finding thrifted jeans like this, that fit so well mostly seem impossible for me, well because I have a tall frame and then most of them come off as either too tight, jump-up, too short or won’t even fit at all and that left me sad (call that tall girl problems) **inserts laugh out loud emoji here**

      After weeks and years of failed attempts at getting jeans that fit correctly, I started hunting for oversized jeans (You heard that, right) and found that most of them “oversized jeans” usually came as high-waisted jeans, which is almost every girls happily ever after jean story. 

   So what I usually do is, reshape those jeans to my size. You could either use a roadside tailor (from experience, they are quite good at shaping clothes) and since I’m still in the process of learning how to sew I usually do it myself and voila you have the ‘perfect jeans’. This jeans, didn’t come as fitted and nicely as it looks; there was a lot of sewing that went on before it became this perfect and I got it for just N400, who would believe?

I’m still a huge fan of the LBD’s, switching it up and being different is a thing for me, while everyone will be either out in LBD’s, you can be different and go for a nicely fitted pair of jeans and still have all eyes on you.



Oops: i noticed I used a lot of abbreviations in this post, for the sake of those who don’t understand, LBD’s means ” Little Black Dress” . Finally, We are now all on the same page.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have an amazing month!

With love,


Do you have your jean thrift story? Will you try out my way of getting thrifted jeans? I’ll love to hear all your thoughts, feel free to vandalize my comments section, lol.



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