Photo Diary || An Hour in CERCOPAN

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I am a huge fan of traveling; exploring new places and trying new things. Looking for the word for it- Adventurous! There, found it!! Dreams to walk around cities like New York, frolick on islands like Mauritius, breathe Latino air in Puerto Rico and being treated to a dinner in Paris remain just those, dreams. A measly student budget and a million other factors (like the size of my ears) hinder this at least for now. However, being unable to afford the desired, still leaves me with the choice to enjoy the present. Explore within my current means and see the world for all it is.

Before I begin, I’d like to let everyone know what I had for breakfast- which is fried yam and milk, and No I did not share it with anyone( if you were asking) and yes it was delicious. **inserts being extra face**

Where I visited?

 If you look closely at the picture you’d see what ‘CERCOPAN’ stands for but I’d still go ahead to say what it means-Centre For Education, Research and Conservation of Primates and Nature. It is located in Calabar Municipality of Cross River state, along highway before secretariat. 

They are a non- profit organization, aimed as a reserve for primates and also act as a research center that not only aims at finding more about this primate (it’s do’s and don’ts) as well as keeping them safe from being preyed upon. The primates are voluntarily donated to this reserve, they don’t purchase them.

When we got there we were first greeted by the amazing vegetation and how well and neat the environment was.

We then headed towards the education center, where we had a warm greeting from the reserve guide and then enlightened about the environment and a little history about Cercopan, but I’m not going to bore you with the history; it was founded by a Canadian ‘Zaina Tuss.’



Meet The Monkeys

Before you meet them, monkeys live for 18-20 years and sometimes more, but once they are 20 years and above they stop growing. They are pregnant for 6 months only.

The monkeys you can see at the Cercopan reserve

she is 24 years old and the oldest monkey in the reserve, she is known as  “A Red Capped Monkey” she can be identified by her red head with bright eyelids, white belly, and back and tail are dark grey.



Peace and Sera


Putty-Nosed Guenons 

This ones have a white nose, dark black coat and white chest and have the longest tail of all the monkeys in the reserve. Plus they don’t eat bananas, just vegetables ( I was shocked myself, because I thought all monkeys ate banana?)

Sclatter Monkeys   This one is my favorite, because she was so excited.. jumping up and down as we screamed her named and she even gave us poses as well, plus her name is Bella.

She has white tufts and yellow fur on her head and her tail is black tipped with red on top and silver on the bottom.

I love monkeys because of how playful they get, I sometimes see the Igbo blood in them as well (I’m referring to their corny attitudes ) but it  is quite sad that this reserve may be shutting down soon, due to low funds coming in from the government and individuals alike, and this has made the reserve to give out most monkeys to other countries and reserves and most of them may be going in extinct for so many reasons, and I hope the government can support this project and keep monkeys safe from extinction.

More photos 


I had an amazing time, plus I didn’t need to spend any cash because  …


 Major thanks to my friends that came out to support me, they’re one of the major reasons I keep doing better… because they got my back and I got there’s. Having a good support group is so important on your journey to success – because you can’t do it all alone.

I told them to say cheese!!!Lol

My next trip will definitely be somewhere that has food, I can’t overemphasize how important food is lol

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

With love, 


Have you visited a reserve before? What are your thoughts on Cercopan? Should the government support this project or not? Feel free to vandalize my comments section below with your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Photo Diary || An Hour in CERCOPAN

  1. I adore posts like these. It’s so valuable to take in your surroundings and appreciate what opportunities are available nearby, even when you have faraway dreams in the back of your mind – definitely something I want to work on!
    Also, I had to look up the Calabar Municipality of Cross River state and I discovered the entire country of Nigeria isn’t located where I thought it was (Americans are notoriously bad at geography lol). Thanks for teaching me something!! Take care ❤

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