5 Things That Make Me Happy Always

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        It’s been a struggle handling my projects, school, and life in general but I’ve decided not to stay stressed and gloomy but to be all smiles and genuinely happy this semester. I’ve found that, stressing over situations you can’t change will only stress you off the more without solutions either; because when you’re too stressed your brain doesn’t perform like it’s meant to. The best way to stay happy is adapting a lifestyle of positivity and finding happiness in the little things of life and in today’s post I’d be sharing a few things that make me happy instantly.

 Eating: Growing up, my mum would force my sisters and I to eat but here I am admitting to how much happiness food brings to me now, lol.  So far so good, I’ve found how uplifting and happy eating or snacking makes me. So, when I’m having a bad day, and nothing seems to work; I take a break from it all and have myself a good meal or too much ice cream and I’m happy instantly.


 Sleeping: This was my favorite routine in my secondary school days  and still is, I loved how our principal made emphasis that sleeping helps our bodies recover and repair from the day’s activities and she’d make sure that every student had their siesta because of how important it is and that’s awesome. For me, I love how I forget all my troubles and worries when I sleep grumpy 9 out of 10 times I wake up happy and with a smile.


 Talking to Friends and Family: Everyone definitely does this, calling up friends and family to lighten up their moods. Most times, I’m on the phone with my sisters or friends and although I might not necessarily tell them I’m sad, having a conversation with them already makes me forget my worries and I’m all laughs in minutes.

Music: You’d most likely catch me doing this everytime; you’d either find me playing Wurld & Shizzi’s show you off, singing to Rihanna’s Wild thoughts, or rapping to Kanye’s glow and eventually I end up burning a lot of fats dancing. Music definitely uplifts my moods eveytime.


Find a Hobby: since I started blogging,  and expressing my thoughts and opinions freely I’m hardly ever sad anymore. Drafting blog posts, reading and replying comments, checking my stats and knowing that somewhere some how I’m impacting someone leaves me exceptionally happy and content. Finding something you love doing, and creating time to do it leaves you content and satisfied which will eventually equate to happiness.

    Although I have my own personal problems, but you’d never know because I’m sticking to staying happy and that’s simply because I’ve taken my happiness into my own hands and not in anyone like I used to. I’m still a work in progress, everyday I make the decision to stay happy and enjoy all of life’s goodies and baddies.

So on that note, have a good weekend!

With love,


“What makes you happy instantly? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below, do leave me a feedback. Thanks”


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