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Photo Diary| 5 Reasons Ice cream is important (Creamieland)

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I’m so happy I’m finally able to pen this down, been so busy with school that I’ve hardly had the time to sit and be creative. I squeezed in a little time today by waking up extra early and pening this down, so you can call that dedication to your craft ** inserts peace sign**

In my last travel post Here I mentioned I needed to visit somewhere that had food, and i’m so happy it turned out to be one of my favorite places so far. Maybe thats either because of the giant cone ice cream or the name “Creamieland” that sounds like a Disney cartoon I’d love to act. Creamieland is located in Parliamentary just beside Gt foods, Calabar Municipality of Cross River State and it is my favorite place to eat ice cream here in calabar. 

 All most people know about ice cream is that it’s too sugary and can cause a lot of health problems but trust me there’s more to why ice cream is essential and even though I’ve been eating it all my life I’ll be sharing with you reasons why you should have ice creams more often.

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1.   When you’re stressed 

Wednesday’s in school are not usually so fun for me, being that I have exactly three (3) classes back-to-back and it’s expected that I’ll come out looking extra tired and stressed, and mostly cancel all the other activities for that day, but guess who had the strength to document the trip to Creamieland after a little ice cream? And I already looked de-stressed.


2.  The Right Diet

If you didn’t already know ice creams contain milk, sugar, cream, and flavoring. That being said, ice creams provide the body with key ingredients including bone-strengthening calcium and phosphorus, blood-pressure- lowering potassium and energizing B vitamins. It also provides a handful of protein which is essential for tissue repair and cell growth. Maybe a little ice cream a day won’t hurt.

3. Scooping ice cream builds arm muscle

If you’re terrible at working out like me, then scooping ice cream is equivalent to lifting y’all ** inserts laugh out loud emoji**

4. You went to the Gym

Living the healthy and fit lifestyle is one hell of a tough journey and I’m saying this from experience; since I’m not entirely one to workout every time, I usually love motivating myself by treating myself to a lovely treat of ice cream afterwards so that motivates me to workout.

5. It makes you happy 

If you still haven’t found the need to eat ice cream, then just have it because a little pump of sugar always leaves you happy, if you think I’m lying then look at me below lol

I loved hanging out with my best friend Temple Egemasi who captured the moments perfectly and got me extra ice cream of course, and please don’t ask me why my poses look weird I guess it’s the ice cream, do scroll down to see more

  Tip:  Don’t over indulge in eating ice creams, like they say “Too much of everything can be particularly bad for you” so eat it responsibly and on that note do have a pleasant weekend.

Do you eat ice cream? If yes, how often do you eat it? Where are your favorite places to have it? Do share all your thoughts in my comments section below.


13 thoughts on “Photo Diary| 5 Reasons Ice cream is important (Creamieland)

  1. Love ice cream. One of my fav is Cherry Garcia (Ben & Jerry’s) but there is one lovely place in Montreal called Le Bilboquet that I like to go once in a while with my kids. Yummy ice cream that contain only pure and natural ingredients!

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