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Boss baby

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Wait I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking  (if you’ve seen  Mummy 3 featuring Tom Cruz) then you’d probably would complete that for me, and if you haven’t then I think it’s time you do; it’s really important you do. So, I just discovered some people from my uni now know that I’m a fashion blogger and ever since this semester I’ve found myself putting on extra clothes than I normally do, wearing makeup more often, in simple words trying to fit into the box of how society expects a blogger to look like; and to be really honest with you, that’s not really my thing.

  Although I’ve trained myself to always ‘Do Me’ without caring what the world is doing, this past few weeks has been all about trying to fit in like everyone else that I’m almost forgetting who I am truly. So today, I challenged myself to dress how I felt; and that’s what brought this  Boss Baby look together (I felt like a little girl, that still had big big dreams but still looked ordinary just like everyone else.) Although I may occasionally dress up extra, once in a while; because I’m only human and it’s totally normal but if you’re not entirely being you then that’s where the problem lies and you need to take a break from it all so you don’t lose yourself.


You’d always catch me in a T-shirt or chiffon shirt, jeans with sandals, and sometimes slippers but mostly sandals though but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good fashion blogger, and if anyone wants to see me perfect 2-4-7 then I’d let that be their problem.So, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you’re not good enough or feel like you have to  impresss anyone on a daily then you need to take a break and remember that “Not everyone will see what you see, understand your drive and believe in your vision.” In one sentence, know who you are, and what your purpose is; not everyone will like you and that’s okay as long as you’re on your journey that’s enough. 

2017 is a “Take charge of your identity kinda year and only make room for people who honor your space; it isn’t a time to force yourself into spaces and relationships for the benefit of being likeable. As long as you’re honest what’s meant for you will always find you.”

   But enough of all this motivational talks though, I write so well when I see food ( Chinese Rice and chicken sauce) what gets y’all inspired?  Do share with me in the comments section below.



23 thoughts on “Boss baby

  1. Our uniqueness is what enables us to shine. Keep doing you! Your post is a good reminder to stay grounded in what we believe and feel. The more we follow ourselves, the more our creative energy flows😊

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  2. People just put something out there they expect you to be or conform to and it can make one feel pressure and gradually deviate from who they really are and what matters. Another thing is that people might not really care the way we think they do. it could be us thinking we should be like this so people will think this and this about us

    i get motivation usually from anything. Food is not exempted too lol

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  3. This outfit is so awesome! *saves photo for inspo*
    Haha people and unneccessary expectations sometimes, I’m one of them sef but I check myself sometimes! I mean, even all these youtubers that BEAT the hell out of their faces may not even wear such looks 24/7 sooo yeah! We humans need to chill lol

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