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Designing For The Future: Trends we Need to Consider Now

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(In my posts Here   I mentioned how I’ve been able to improve in my writings, all thanks to blogging. I find it to be great way to express and explore my thoughts. 

I was invited to compete in an international blogging contest centered Around the future of design, an offer which I willingly took with open hands. I would also love to hear all your contributions on this topic. Do enjoy!!)

What we consider to wear as clothing today, is said to have stemmed from series of designs by designers whose main interest was to create designs that met the basic need of clothing our nakedness. While we may have assumed that clothings could only serve as a covering, design experts have set the highest fashion designing standards, living up to the saying that ‘Times are changing’. Infact, in a few years from now, we may see some radical changes where our clothings may be more functional than they are wearable.

What is Trending in Tech-Design World Today?

   Before we consider the future, it’s important to go through what’s top notch this days. Fashion designing has definitely gone a long way. Gone are the days when we had the tedious task of lacing our own shoes, thanks to Nike Power lace sneakers that could easily lace up itself by simply long pressing on the sensor to tighten or loosen. Easy Tech designs are definitely trending now and will be for a while. After all, people are attracted to designs that are less stressful and easy to pull off, aren’t they? 

Another important fashion design trend that has been around for a while now is the Kinetic energy designs, designed by Rafaul Rozenkranz who designed a laser suit with an embedded MP3 player that runs solely from the kinetic energy produced during a jog. With this designs becoming more functional and more relevant already, the trends of these kinetic energy will definitely not cease so soon.

What’s in store for the future of Tech-Designs?

Although the future is hard to predict perfectly, from the current trend stats, it’s safe to say we can make intelligible guesses of what the Tech-design will look like using Designs that have been created already and making expert predictions of what to expect.
Power Clothings will become a thing

The average man, likes to get things done easily with no stress, that’s why clothings that can power up themselves will keep reigning for a few more decades; major thanks to Nike power laces, because from their Tech-Designed sneakers, it’s safe to say that the future of fashion will be characterized by clothings that could power up themselves, in the sense that, this clothes can wear themselves by just the touch of a sensor button. This designs will be excellent for speedy or rush movements as well make it easier for disabled persons, since you can just wear them and dash out and the clothings will do the rest.

More progress on kinetic Energy Designs

MP3 laser suit created by Rafaul Rozenkranz is gradually becoming a trend, and due to  how functional it is, it is safe to say it will become popular in future.
The future of kinetic energy may stretch as far as creating clothings that could become more functional in the sense that you would be able to charge  your gadgets while jogging as well or carrying out any activity that involves movement.

The gap of scarce resources for designing will be breached, thanks to recycling.

Most of the items and clothings we dispose of each year is still very wearable and useful, but it is disposed off simply because they are out of style, old or tired of it. However, recycling in fashion designing involves using the perfectly good textiles and re-work them to update styles and pieces; therefore meeting the issue of scarce resources used in production. For example, let’s take the work of Segra Segra, a Hungarian group that specializes in recycling they use bicycle inner tubes to create stylish leather like jackets and Tshirt. With their meyhod of production it’s safe to say that the breach of scarce resources will be met.

More designers will venture into this method of production, as it reduces cost and easy to access.

Personal styling will be enhanced

Ever wanted to dress up and just the moment you opened your wardrobe; you spent your entire day searching for what to wear? In my opinion, this dress up games will be enhanced and will become more than just dressing up dolls on our phones but likely using artificial intelligence to capture some of the individual physical characteristics and items in their closets. So, all the individual needs to do is swipe through the app; picking selecting the outfits and pairing it up on their digital Prototype. Thereby knowing what works with what, eliminating the tedious task of searching through our wardrobe.

      In summary, this industry is gradually evolving thanks to technology. In the aspect of fashion, it is now about functional clothings and designs,  rather than just meeting the basic needs of clothing – which is to cover our nakedness. When we think of how a Nike self lacing sneakers could as track your step count? Or if Rafaul Rozenkranz jogging suit could as well measure your heart rate, along with letting you pick the song you want to play next? Clothings are becoming more and more functional thereby exceeding the answer of basic or brief, so there is need to believe that the future of design is fully bright.


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