Notes| July ’17

While others say July was rather too slow, I on the other hand felt  it was rather too fast, it feels like yesterday I just got back to school and in 3 weeks my degree exams begin- I don’t know if I’m the only student who feels indifferent about exams, oh I see you there also saying me…. thank goodness, lol.

Well this month came with so much work,  and like I said in my Notes post for June (Here) that  I would love to include more style posts which I did and I’m proud and I also want to say a big thank you to you guys for always visiting the blog, even on days I don’t posts, my stats are still high- and I  WANT TO SAY A VERY BIG “THANK YOU”  for always reading my posts and leaving wonderful comments. Without taking more of your time let’s talk about how my July was;


Currently listening to Duro by Kiss Daniel(Issa jam)  it’s been on repeat for two weeks straight.

Reading: Attitude is everything by Keith Harrell – this book taught me to stay positive no matter the situation, if you’re stressing over something then take a break- speak to any of your loved one to help lighten your mood, we should always stay thankful for life because someone else is in the theatre wishing to have the life you do. I totally recommend this book for people of all ages- it opened my eyes to a lot of things that I might have overlooked and I’m definitely sure it’d do the same for you.


Lessons: I learnt not to force anything, because what belongs to you will always find you; I learnt the power of words and to keep speaking what you want into existence; and whatever you do, always be sure to put in your best.

Happy about: The soft fresh bread I get to eat almost every minute for just N50, things are definitely getting better.

Admiring: Rihanna’s weight gain, TBH she still looks cute whilst thick but my major interest is how she’s adding up everywhere but her stomach. I really do need to meet with her personal trainer.   

Regretting: Nothing in particular, just lessons learnt.

Wishing: We could have a little break from the rain; I’ve had a couple of things to do that I couldn’t because of it- plus, am I the only one who is always lazy when it rains?

Inspired by:  Bella Hadid’s style- she’s really a style icon, you’d always see her in something funky, out of the ordinary or simply creating her own trend….I’ve become quite the stalker lol. I’d also love to hear who inspires your style as well in the comments section.  

Planning: As I mentioned earlier in my last post that I’d be rounding up with school, this past few weeks has been hectic trying to apply for jobs here and there so I’d not come out hanging. Wish me luck!

Craving: A well deserved vacation to Kamandalu Ubud; although I have little knowledge of where that is- having a floating breakfast  like @asiyami_gold isn’t such a bad idea at all.


Anticipating: Tomorrow because it’s a new day for opportunities, blessings and becoming better.

Loving: My nails and My dedicated Readers who always drop by every now and then and especially those that leave me comments- you guys are really the best and I’d keep bringing better contents.   
Have an amazing August!!




9 thoughts on “Notes| July ’17

  1. Your nail looks lovely dear. I thought it was just me who noticed how her stomach seem to be in shape. I gain weight and my tummy will refuses to co-operate. I love Gigi’s style too, she and her bff Got style that really inspires.
    Great post dear, i love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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