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How to: mix Ankara prints 

It’s been such a longtime since I put up a post  **attempts to dust cobwebs** And I know I owe you guys a huge apology for attempting to disappear.  To make it up to you guys, I’ve got something special to say to you awesome people which, I’d do, at the end of the post- so sit tight and keep those fingers crossed.

 I’ve loved Ankara so much, and I could say that I’d be one of those who would go  against the status quo, when it comes to dressing to work (especially the white collar jobs) I would slay in my African prints.  Only because, I’m one of those really obsessed Africans who love to represent Africa, wherever and whenever.

I love Ankara even more when it is creatively used, especially mixing two different Ankara fabrics in one look, but sadly I have always been so scared of giving it a try. Seeing ladies like Theladyvhodka slay in different Ankara mix, has gradually brought me out of my own little cage, and so I’d be sharing some of the tips and tricks for mixing Ankara prints.


Get fabrics that compliment 

Just like any other outfit, slaying an Ankara mix involves wearing what matches. Know that colors like grey, white or black can go with any color. But colors like red should go with lighter shades, so that it doesn’t come off as too loud but instead complement each other.  


Wear what fits and flatters

Wearing insanely tight clothes or excessively loose clothes, is not a good look on anybody. Although I’m a lover of oversized clothes, that doesn’t mean I’d go out looking like a canopy. When picking oversized clothes, I usually go for 2 or 3 inches extra, and 1 inch extra for a fitted clothing. 

You don’t want to be tugging down a short dress or being unable to carry out your daily activities because of the oversized clothing. 

I’ve trained myself to always live by my fashion watch word, which is ‘ comfortability’ – if it doesn’t fit, then it’s time to go.


Pay attention to details   

A good accessory can instantly turn a basic outfit to a not-so-basic outfit. Pay attention to little details like your necklace, earrings, head scarf, or even those earrings matter. You can be like me by snitching waist with a belt, his in turn will elevate the whole look.


Be confident 

Confident people are not easily intimidated. Walk with your shoulders high and back straight, don’t be too hard on yourself, believe you look great and others would see that too.
So guys, those are my tips for styling or mix matching two different Ankara prints, feel free to add yours too.

  I just discovered this Instagram worthy pose called ‘bambi‘, used by the ‘ it’ girls – Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, it’s really cute and I thought I should share that with you. That’s the announcement guys!!!

Have an amazing week!




24 thoughts on “How to: mix Ankara prints 

  1. That IS a cute pose! Lol I’m still scared of mixing prints though.. one day one day. Please keep the posts coming eh, I miss this your gorgeous face. Whatever it is keeping you away, don’t feel too guilty, life happens!

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